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There is no question that those who own pets love them unconditionally.  Pets can truly enrich our lives. Unfortunately, being a pet owner does not come without its difficulties.  Pet urine stains and odors are common problems among pet owners. As carpet cleaners, we encounter many difficult situations involving soiling from pets.  Dogs and cats, from puppies to kittens, can cause severe damage to carpet and upholstery.

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning’s technicians are highly trained at eliminating the damage caused by pet urine or accidents involving pet feces.  From minor deposits to large “accidents” we understand the chemistry and know how restore your carpet back to its original condition.  Pet urine can be destructive and applying the wrong sprays or chemicals can permanently damage your carpet.  We have specific solutions designed to minimize the damage caused by pet urine.

Facts About Pet Stain Removal

At Code Blue we realize that visible pet stains, carpet discoloration, and pet odors can be extremely difficult to eliminate without proper training.  There are a wide variety of variables to consider when we evaluate each situation.  These variables include but are not limited to how long the urine has been on the carpet, what kind of store-bought stain removers were used by the occupant to try and remedy the problem, are the pets on medication, and what is the pet’s diet.

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning has the training and takes the necessary time to eliminate the stains and odors left behind by pets.  We have specialized solutions and extraction methods needed to restore your carpet back to its original condition.  Deodorizers alone will not remedy problematic areas caused by pet urine or feces.  There are a variety of required steps we must follow to eliminate not only the stains and smells left behind by our pets but also the bacteria from pet deposits.  We have the knowledge and products necessary to restore your living environment.

Code Blue Pet Stain Removal

Often, many carpet cleaning companies will use cheap deodorizers to cover up the smell of pet odors or use generic detergents to try and eliminate pet stains.  Pet stains require specialized solutions to remedy the damage caused by pet deposits. Code Blue Carpet Cleaning utilizes industry leading solutions and processes to eliminate the damage caused by your pets.  We do not use cheap alternatives because we understand your carpet is a large investment.  Contact Code Blue Carpet Cleaning today to eliminate all of your pet stains.

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