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Dust mites, allergens from your pets, as well as outside allergens brought in on your shoes can build up in your carpets, couches, mattresses, and drapes, until they contaminate the very air you breathe.

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning provides a number of environmentally-safe, anti-allergen products to clear your home to the best of our abilities of any harmful allergens. Our products have been proven safe for humans, pets and any plants you may have in your home or office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Removing Allergens From Your Home

Our truck-mounted steam extraction equipment eliminates allergens caught in your carpet and upholstery. We heat our water to 240 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize your carpets and to rinse all of our cleaning products from your carpet. This method prevents sticky residue from cleaning products that other carpet cleaning companies regularly leave behind.

This residue can cause allergens to reattach to your carpet fibers, beginning a new round of allergy symptoms that may be worse than the last. Our powerful extraction equipment can stop this cycle.

“Do No Harm”

We know there are many people who are also allergic to different kinds of chemicals that are frequently used in carpet cleaning. Code Blue Carpet Cleaning offers soap-free, hypoallergenic cleaning chemicals, and our steam extraction system minimizes exposure to anything that could exacerbate allergy symptoms. Code Blue’s anti-allergen cleaning products have no dyes or perfumes of any kind, are non-toxic, and contain no solvents, volatile organic compounds, phosphates or other hazardous materials.

Prevent Allergy Attacks with Code Blue Carpet Cleaning

We enjoy helping our customers breathe easier while having beautifully cleaned carpets. Call Code Blue Carpet Cleaning today to schedule an appointment in the Thornton, Broomfield, and Westminster areas.

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