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Most pet stains come with potent pet urine odors.  These odors can be extremely unpleasant making for a difficult living environment. Like pet stains, pet odors are difficult to remove completely from carpet fibers without the proper training, equipment and cleaning solutions.  Home remedies often cause more damage making it difficult to restore the carpet back to its pre-soiled condition.

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning understands the frustrations many home owners encounter from pet urine deposits.  We have designed a multi-step process and offer a variety of treatment options to neutralize and eliminate the odors caused by pets.

Facts About Pet Odor Removal

Aside from the noticeable color of pet urine stains, urine can destroy carpet fiber and leave behind a strong pungent odor.  Simply carpet cleaning the affected areas will not resolve the odor problem associated with pet urine.

When deposited, pet urine soaks deep into your carpet, pad, carpet backing, and sub-floor where urine salts begin to off gas and cause severe odors.  Pets will often urinate in the same areas; compounding the urine odor problem. The odor from the urine can then penetrate the wood or concrete sub-floor and the framing of your Westminster home, making it that much more difficult to remove with a simple steam carpet cleaning.

As urine dries, the liquid evaporates leaving urine crystals behind that a pungent odor.  When the affected area gets wet or there is moisture in the air the odor will drastically increase.  It is important to have a professional, such as Code Blue, to thoroughly treat this area of carpeting with the proper cleaning solutions and equipment needed to remove the urine crystals.

Pet Odor Removal Expectations

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning has years of experience and training dealing with pet urine problems. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the odor will be completely removed, as the odor penetrates every part of your floor. Without removing the carpet, replacing the pad, sealing the sub-floor, and re-stretching the carpet back to its original placement, there is no way of ensuring the odor will be completely eliminated. Any carpet cleaning company that tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. If there is a company that can remove pet odor from your home, your best choice is Code Blue Carpet Cleaning.  We take a thorough approach to tough pet odor problems and have the best remediation process.

Have those problem areas treated thoroughly.  Contact Code Blue Carpet Cleaning today to schedule an appointment.

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