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Frequently we enter homes or offices and find carpet that is damaged and is in need of repairs.  From wrinkled or buckled carpet to tears caused by pets or furniture, we have the resources, training, and equipment necessary to repair these damaged areas.  If left unattended, these areas can drastically decrease the life span of the carpet.  Not only is this damage unsightly, it can also be dangerous.  Buckles or tears in carpet can cause tripping hazard and continuous foot traffic over these areas can destroy the carpet fiber, backing and pad.

Do You See Damage?

Take a moment to walk around your home or office.  Do you see “waves” in your carpet?  Is the carpet near the edges of your doorways frayed or torn from your cat or dog?  Is there damage where your carpet transitions into tile, vinyl, or hardwood flooring?  These examples are some of the more common problem areas we see.  This damage can be repaired quickly and affordably even if you do not have extra pieces of carpet for the repairs.  If left unattended, this damage can destroy the carpet requiring full carpet replacement.

Carpet Stretching

Buckles or waves in carpet are usually caused by improper installation.  When installed, carpet must be power stretched.  Using only a knee kicker to install carpet will not sufficiently stretch the backing of the carpet.  Over time the latex backing on carpet relaxes and causes the carpet to “wave” or “ripple”.   This problem can be remedied by “power stretching” the carpet.  Code Blue Carpet Cleaning has industry qualified technicians trained in carpet installation and repair.  With our experience and equipment we can remedy most problematic areas.

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning can repair many of these areas at an affordable price.  Each of our repair technicians have over 20 years of carpet repair experience.  From re-stretching to torn carpet, no job is too big or small.  Are you thinking of having your carpet replaced?  Give us a call.  We have an extensive referral network which includes sales and master qualified installation technicians.

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