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Your carpet represents a sizeable investment. It also experiences a lot of wear over the years, and eventually becomes discolored from sunlight, foot traffic and spills.  Prolong the life of your carpet and put off the cost of replacement with regular cleanings and a quality carpet protectant. Contact us today to learn more.

A cleaning by Code Blue will take care of dirt and surface stains in your carpet, but it won’t prevent stains and allergens from soaking into the carpet fibers in the future unless you invest in carpet protectant.

Prevent Stains

Code Blue uses DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet and upholstery protector. Teflon Advanced is quick-drying and is applied as a spray onto your freshly cleaned carpet. It acts as an invisible shield around each carpet fiber to keep dirt, dust and any liquids from penetrating the carpet. Teflon is also useful in reducing soil on water-safe upholstery and gives UV-protection to both carpet and upholstery to ward off discoloration from the sun.

We highly recommend our carpet protectant to be used after every major cleaning and for routine maintenance on your carpets. Protectant does not protect your carpet forever. There are some Stain Master carpets that come with pre-applied protectant; but this protectant fades in time from wear and must be reapplied to continue protecting that very expensive carpeting. Maintenance is usually required in order keep a new carpet warranty intact.

Protect Your Carpet With Code Blue

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning uses the manufacturer’s protectant formulas and does not use high pressure sprayers that can jeopardize full and even coverage. Our protectant prices are also more affordable than those of other companies in the area. Contact Code Blue Carpet Cleaning today to clean and protect your carpets in Thornton, Westminster, and Broomfield.

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