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Code Blue Carpet Cleaning takes our cleaning business to a whole new level of attention and care to provide the best possible service to our customers. We understand that each home and office are different and may have different types of carpet.  Each area will have various levels of wear and soil that may require special attention.  We evaluate these areas and discuss them with you before we begin the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Code Blue uses a unique blend of detergent for each service we are offer. After evaluating your home or office’s carpet, tile & grout, and/or and upholstery we determine the best option which will give you the thorough cleaning possible.  Our cleaning processes assure that we protect your carpets and their warranties. We customize our detergents based on the type of carpet fibers (natural or synthetic fibers) and the condition of the carpets.  There is no single best detergent for all situations. Different carpet fibers require different treatments in order to protect the integrity of your carpet investment - a fact that most other carpet cleaners do not consider.

If you have carpets that have been heavily soiled, Code Blue also offers rotary cleaning to restore the back to their original vibrancy. Our technicians use the Rotovac 360 or RX-20, to clean the carpet fiber from all directions with multi-directional cleaning passes.  Rotary cleaning leaves your carpets much cleaner than with a standard wand.   Rotary cleaning is excellent on Berber style carpets!

Hot Water vs. Acidic Rinse

Often, many carpet cleaning companies will rinse carpets with only hot water.  Unfortunately, the hot water rinse method does not remove all detergents from your carpets.  Residue left behind will leave carpets stiff and actually attract soil to the carpet’s fiber! Dust, dirt, and hair will re-attach to the carpet fiber causing rapid re-soiling and more frequent cleaning.

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning uses specialized rinses to eliminate harmful residue.  Our residue free rinses will rejuvenate worn fibers and bring back that soft and fluffy feel your carpet once had.

Choose Code Blue for Your Carpet Cleaning

At Code Blue Carpet Cleaning we treat each customer as if they were our own family member.  We treat your home and its belongings with as much care and attention as we would our own family.  We utilize the best equipment and cleaning solutions for each job with ease and efficiency.  Best of all, we don’t have any gimmicks or up-sell traps.  If you have carpets that require a professional cleaning in a professional manner, give Code Blue Carpet Cleaning a call today to schedule an appointment.

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