We DO NOT Drag Our Carpet Cleaning Hoses Outside!

Code Blue Carpet Cleaning takes pride in protecting your home!  Most carpet cleaning companies pull their carpet cleaning hoses off hose reels which are mounted inside their vans.  These hoses are then dragged across the street, your yard and/or driveway exposing them to numerous contaminates.  Carpet cleaning hoses are rigid and easily collect dirt, animal feces, gravel, tar etc.if they are pulled across exterior surfaces. These contaminates are then brought into your home and deposited onto your carpet leaving behind harsh soils which can cause additional damage to your home's carpet.
Code Blue Carpet Cleaning hand carries all of our carpet cleaning hoses into your home. We DO NOT drag them outside! We hand roll each of our hoses inside and hand carry them into and out of each home we clean. Our hoses remain clean and dry even in snowy or rainy weather. Sure, it takes more time to set up and take down but we feel it is time well spent!


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