Preparing For Our Arrival

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Prior to our arrival we ask that you take the following steps to assure your carpet cleaning experience is a pleasurable one:

  • Pre-Vacuum: We ask that you vacuum your carpets before we arrive. Large pieces of debris can wreak havoc on our equipment and will make it difficult for us to give you a thorough cleaning.
  • Pick Up: Make sure that there are no large objects lying on your floors, such as toys or exercise equipment. Our technicians don’t want to damage any of those belongings by accident.
  • Moving Furniture: Move as much furniture as possible before we arrive to clean your carpets. We do not move computer desks or china cabinets; and if you need us to move any heavy furniture, there may be an additional charge. If you would rather leave your furniture where it is, we can clean around it.
  • Pin Up Your Drapes: Many types of drapes nearly reach the carpet and, while we are cleaning, can exposed. The cleaning solutions and hot water might not be compatible with the fabric and could damage it. Please pin up any low hanging drapes to at least one foot off the ground. We also ask that you pin up any furniture skirts that hang from mattresses or couches.
  • Have Parking Available: Please leave a parking space for our van in front of your home or office. Our steam extraction equipment runs out of our van, and parking close to your front door ensures that our equipment can reach all the target cleaning areas.
  • Remove Breakables: Please remove all breakable and valuable items from the area where we will be cleaning.
  • Take Care of Your Pets: We love animals as much as you do, but we ask that you put animals in a safe and secure place while we are in your home.  Animals can get stressed out while we are in your home.  They can also track in dirt and other undesirable materials, so it’s important that they stay off of the carpets while we are cleaning them.
  • If you have hired Code Blue Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets, you can expect stellar results, and your experience will be even better if you can help us with these preparations. We greatly appreciate it! If you haven’t yet done so, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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