Please Do Your Research!

Recently, I was completing a carpet and upholstery job when I was approached by my client’s neighbor. She asked if I could stop by her home after I finished the job I was on to look at the carpets she had “just had cleaned” earlier that morning. She was obviously concerned there was something wrong with the job another carpet cleaning company had completed. I finished the job I was on and met with her.

When I entered her home she asked me to feel the carpets that had been cleaned approximately 3 hours earlier with a company utilizing a portable carpet cleaning machine. The carpets were SOAKED with water! The excessive water in her carpets could have caused serious problems if it was not removed. She asked if I would help her remedy the problem because she was having family in town the following day. I was able to remove approximately 15 gallons of water from 900 sq feet of carpet! That amount of moisture left in carpet is absurd! Not only were the carpet wet, they were still dirty.

I was asked to clean the home’s carpets again and left my speed dryers to assure there was no damage from the previous company’s soaking.

Please do your research when you are selecting a carpet cleaning company. Carpet left in poor condition can not only ruin the carpet, pad, and sub flooring, it can also cause health issues in your home. Code Blue Carpet Cleaning utilizes IICRC certified technicians and follow industry standards. We take pride in cleaning your carpets correctly the first time. Remember, quality may not be the cheapest bid!


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