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Your carpet is not just a floor covering; it is also adds comfort and beauty to any home or office. Carpet keeps your home warm in the winter, reflects light throughout your rooms, and provides comfort to your tired and sore feet. Unfortunately, carpets can become matted and dingy if not properly maintained. Carpet collects allergens and bacteria over time which will destroy the carpet fiber.

While Code Blue Carpet Cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning for the home and office, we also offer a number of additional services to increase the beauty and longevity of your carpet and upholstery.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet ProtectantOur carpet protectant keeps your carpet looking like new. UV-ray protection prevents discoloration and sealants guard against spills and stains.
  • Upholstery CleaningJust like your carpets, any upholstery in your home or office can be damaged by spills, stains and dirt that cause discoloration and odors. Our upholstery cleaning equipment can restore couches, chairs, and mattresses. We also know that different fabrics demand different approaches in care. We offer a variety of upholstery cleaning techniques to use to ensure that your furniture is properly cleaned.
  • Allergy Relief/ Anti-Allergy CleaningCarpet fibers and upholstery collect dust mites and other allergens, causing allergy problems for some individuals. Many individuals are also allergic to harsh carpet cleaning solutions. This can make a bad situation worse. Code Blue offers soap-free, anti-allergen carpet and upholstery cleaning services that are for humans, pets, and the environment!
  • Green Cleaning: Our truck mounted carpet cleaning system is state of the art and utilizes heat exchange technology the produce the steam needed to properly clean carpets.  Our heat exchanger technology utilizes the heat generated by our truck mount's engine to heat the cleaning solution to over 235 degrees.  We DO NOT use diesel or propane fired burners that are harsh on the environment!  For clients that want to go the extra mile in respecting the environment, we also offer Earth-friendly detergents to clean your carpets and upholstery.
  • Speed Dry Service: Our optional speed drying service can  dry carpet in an extremely short period of time.  Ask about this special service when you are under a time crunch and do not have the time needed for the carpets to dry.


If you need carpet or upholstery cleaning and are located in the Westminster, Thornton, or Broomfield area, call Code Blue Carpet Cleaning today to schedule an appointment and bring your carpets back to life.

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