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How many times have you opened up your mail box and found the envelope stuffed with value coupons?  Most of these envelopes include offers for low price carpet cleaning.  Companies offering these discounted prices are baiting potential clients with offers that are simply false and deceptive.  In our industry we refer to these companies as "Coupon Cleaners".  They make initial offers that seem extremely affordable but BUYER BEWARE!  Most, if not all these companies use these low price offers to get in your home and then begin adding additionalfees after they arrive. Many of these fees should be included in the price of the carpet cleaning and not added on as extras. Do you homework before responding to these deceptive marketing tactics. Code Blue Carpet Cleaning does not charge for most spot removal, we prespray all areas of the carpet we clean, we do not charge for deodorizer, there is no trip charge or dump fee, and we do not charge extra for lighter colored carpet. There are some instances where additional fees apply when they relate to more difficult problem areas like pet urine saturation etc. Call us for an honest straight forward estimate today! Proudly serving Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton and the rest of the northern Denver metro area.


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