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Code Blue Carpet Cleaning is happy to serve the City and County of Broomfield. We appreciate its unique history and are prepared to handle the unique challenges of cleaning carpets in this area.

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Broomfield Soil Challenges

Broomfield sits on primary Nunn series soils, which are formed by a mixture of wind-blown and river-deposited sediment. The small silt-sized particles can get deep into your carpet and upholstery, and can be hard to clean out. The color tends to be pale brown, and fortunately not too dark, which makes staining less of a problem than strongly colored soils, but it will stain most carpets if allowed to accumulate. It is a fairly even mix of silt, sand, and clay, but tending toward the clay.

Broomfield Pollution Challenges

Another carpet cleaning challenge in Broomfield, is the pollution. What goes up must come down, and eventually air pollution settles somewhere. If not in your lungs, then on your carpet and upholstery. Although overall the city has good air quality, emissions from cars and trucks on highways cutting through the city can get bad during rush hour. There are some refining operations in the area, which also emit dark particulates. Many people have fireplaces and like to use wood to help heat their homes, which can lead to more soot deposits in the home.

Broomfield History

Broomfield is one of the oldest communities in the north Denver suburban area, but it’s Colorado’s newest county. The origin point of Broomfield is at the homestead of Henry and Sarah Church, what is now 104th and Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, first settled in 1864. In addition to their farm, there was a stagecoach stop and trading post, which made this location a priority exchange point for all future travel modes. Church Ranch Boulevard is named after these early settlers.

In 1879, Adolph Zang, a Denver beer baron, bought much of the surrounding area for his personal farm. He also set up a railroad stop at what is now 120th and Wadsworth to ship fresh, locally grown grain to his brewery in Denver. It was in this latter area that the industrial part of Broomfield would begin, and by the turn of the century there was a small town here, including houses.

Although the Denver & Interurban (D&I) Railroad had a stop here, it was hard to convince people to move out of the major urban areas at first. By 1950, Broomfield had less than 200 residents, but when the Boulder Turnpike opened in 1955 with a tollgate at Broomfield, the area suddenly became more popular. By 1960, the population in the area had grown more than 20 times, and today the population is more than 55,000. The population also tends to be more affluent, with a higher median income and lower poverty rate than many surrounding communities.

Proud Members of Our Community

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